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The Jewell of FM Auto Scan Receivers

Product Line

  • The FMS-1

    FMS-1™ The Promotional Model The FMS-1™ promotional model is a stereo digital receiver intended as a promotional gift item. It features an FM frequency range of 88.0 to 108.0MHz - the standard FM broadcast band in the United Stated and ... [ more ]

  • The PLL-1

    PLL-1™ The Service Model The PLL-1™, Phase Lock Loop radio, is a stereo digital FM receiver intended for repeat service. These radios can be taken from venue to venue and stored until needed. The PLL-1™ can be purchased in two configurations ... [ more ]

Our Products


Find out more about the FMS line of FM receivers [ more ]

Our Services


We offer custom logo printing on the receiver as well as the packaging. [ more ]

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