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The Jewell of FM Auto Scan Receivers

The FMS-1

Introducing the FMS™ line of mini auto-scan FM receivers!

Designed specifically for the conference services industry, the FMS-1 mini radio receiver is ideal for use by conference participants who require simultaneous language interpretation services. Small, lightweight, and jewel-like in appearance, the FMS-1 line of promotional FM radio receivers will help make your next international conference event a memorable experience.

Your conference participants will enjoy the attractive design, ease of use, and reliability of the FMS™ auto-scan receiver. And the comfortable ear buds permit your guests private listening enjoyment while improving sound clarity in noisy conference venues.

In addition, the FMS™ brand of mini receivers are priced such that your conference hosts will enjoy presenting them to their conference participants as souvenir promotional gifts thereby eliminating the need to collect the receivers at the end of the event.

  • FMS-1

    FMS-1™ The Promotional Model The FMS-1™ promotional model is a stereo digital receiver intended as a promotional gift item. The FMS-1™ promotional model features an FM frequency range of 88.0 to 108.0MHz - the standard FM broadcast band in the United States and most other countries around the world. Both the FMS-1 and FMS-2 require two AAA batteries. The circuitry includes manual station search as well as auto-scan search capabilities. Each time a function button is pressed, an attractive rose colored backlight illuminates the LED screen for eight seconds. When the radio function is not in use, the LED screen displays the time in the 24-hour international time format.

  •  FMS-1

    The Japan Frequency Model FMS-1™ can be manufactured with the FM frequency range of 76.0 to 90.0MHz - otherwise known as the "Japan frequency" - which complies with the narrower FM frequency allocation constraint in Japan. Additional features include a thirty station pre set function, a programmable auto off (sleep) function, and a 90 minute auto off function if no buttons are pressed within a 90 minute time period while the radio is in use.

  • ear buds

    Earbuds One pair of earbuds is included with each radio. The earbud cables resemble stearling silver snake chain and they are fitted with an additional cable loop so that they can be attached to the receiver via the receiver lanyard ring.

  • lanyard

    Lanyard Each receiver comes with a silver nylon braided lanyard cord which can be affixed to the receiver via the receiver lanyard ring. The lanyard fits comfortably around the neck and permits the user to wear the receiver as one would wear a jewelry pendant.

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