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The Jewell of FM Auto Scan Receivers

The PLL-1

The PLL-1™ line of mini stereo FM receivers

Designed specifically for the conference services industry, these mini FM receivers are ideal for use by conference participants who require simultaneous language interpretation services. Small, lightweight, with a formal business-like appearance, the PLL™ line of FM radio receivers will help make your international conference events successful.

Your conference participants will enjoy the attractive design, ease of use, and reliability of the PLL-1™ receiver.

  • The PLL-1

    PLL-1™ The Service Model The PLL-1™, Phase Lock Loop radio, is a stereo digital FM receiver intended for repeat service. These radios can be taken from venue to venue and stored until needed. The PLL-1™ can be purchased in two configurations: User programmable and factory preprogrammed models. The user programmable model permits the user to program the five preset buttons with the desired FM frequencies using the "Set" button. This model includes a memory chip so that the receiver will not lose the user programmed frequency presets when the unit looses power while the batteries are being replaced. The factory preprogrammed models are permanently programmed at the factory with the five frequencies that you specify. These models do not lose programming when the batteries are removed. Additional features include a manual station search button as well as a stereo/mono selector switch. The radio also features a "lock" button that permits the user to lock on to a specific station thereby preventing annoying interruptions when a different station button is accidentally pressed.

  • PLL-1

    PLL-1™ Compact and Reliable Model PLL-1™ radio is FCC approved. The AAA batteries can be installed by removing the cover retaining screw and lifting the cover. This requires a small Phillips head screw driver.

  • lanyard

    Lanyard Each receiver comes with a black nylon braided lanyard cord which can be affixed to the receiver via the receiver lanyard ring. The lanyard fits comfortably around the neck and permits the user to wear the receiver as one would wear a jewelry pendant. The lanyard features a plastic clasp which allows the wearer to detach the radio without having to remove the entire lanyard from around the neck.

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